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Presenting Inge Riedel's stunning Collar and Earrings!


A peek into the creative process.

Designing this collar started off as a design on my computer, playing around with a general shape and pattern which would form the basis of the design I envisaged. I was looking for something that would have a visual impact as well as an architectural quality, and of course it had to be an eye-catcher!

The collar is made up of hollow forms, shaped by hand to follow the curve of the neckline. The shaping is done with various hammers and stakes. Once all the parts were domed and shaped to fit each other, the real challenge began by accurately and skillfully piercing hundreds of squares, by using the finest piercing saw blades.

The center piece took an incredible 9 hours to pierce out (and I wondered what I let myself in for!). The domed shapes added a challenge to the work, it meant I was working at all sorts of angles, trying to position the blade so it would move smoothly through the metal.

The challenge on a piece such as this one, is to maintain perfectly straight lines and have smooth cuts with no wobbles or jagged edges.

The inside of each segment is a silky, matte white, making the highly polished surface design stand out. The reverse side of the collar has a shimmering satin finish.

Once all of the segments were completed, I handmade the channieres which would form part of the linkage mechanism. After these were joined the collar started taking shape.

The channieres allow for flexibility and thereby will follow the curve of the neck.

The collar is adjustable in length due to the linked chain at the back, made from squares, oval links and a toggle bar. This means you will be able to adjust the collar to get the best fit!

The earrings were made in the exact same manner as the segments for the collar, the difference was that a triangular link was used to complement the earring shapes.
Finishing it with a comfortable earring hook, of 0.9mm wire. The earrings are of a comfortable weight, thanks to their hollow form. The reverse sides have also been given a satin finish.

Once everything was eventually completed an astounding 130+ hours had passed, but I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment and am happy to present my finished work to YOU!

This is without a doubt a one of a kind and will not be repeated!!

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Inge Riedel

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