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NOTE: due to the new EU VAT regulations I will be sending the PDF's via e-mail and not as instant downloads anymore. Please allow for some time for me to send it to you as we do live in different time zones, thank you Astrid

A bead is not just a bead, The bead is a canvas for my expression, I see each one as a piece of wearable art, much thought,  time, experience and love goes into making my beads. I mostly love to make focal beads, they need not much more to dress them up, as each one makes a strong statement and are fabulous when hung on a beautiful silver necklace.

The beads are strong and if taken care of will out last you ;)

I am shipping all parcels now and in the future with OCS Global mail, a UK based company.  No more Strike issue for me! So Happy shopping :)

About my hollow beads.... Each bead is blown off mandrel on a blow pipe, each pattern , color and detail you see is layered onto the base bead. It is quite a challenge to blow glass with different colors and designs as each of these expand and contract at different rates, even though the COE is all 104 each colour has has a different viscosity 

(resistance of flow) This is what in part makes these beads special and unique.

Much time is spent on preparing elements for the the design of the bead, and once annealed and cooled ( which takes a day ) the beads are cold worked , which means grinding, etching or sandblasting is done to them. I hope that this will help in the understanding of the value of the beads, they are one of a kind handmade ART beads, something which in itself is becoming more rare as mass production is rampant!

I also want to thank all of you who leave me such wonderful feedback on my beads, it makes me really happy to know that you are happy with your purchase! 

Of course quality is my priority, both in the bead and the service to you. I want you to know all the beads are all annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for durability. The holes are properly cleaned, and each bead is checked.

Please do allow for slight variations of brightness or color as each screen might portray them differently. The beads are mostly photographed in a light box for optimum quality.

I am a self representing artist (SRA 86) 

Your feedback is much appreciated!


All parcels are sent per OCS global mail at $4.50

Please read through the shop policies before committing  to a purchase!




Thanks for visiting my shop, pop in again!